The Organizers

DRHA Malta 2018 is organised by Fondazzjoni Kreattività.

Fondazzjoni Kreattività is a public cultural organisation established in 2000 to run the millennium project that created Malta’s national centre for creativity at St James Cavalier in Valletta, now known as Spazju Kreattiv. Fondazzjoni Kreattività’s main mission has always included the aim of offering an ongoing dialogue between the various artistic disciplines, in such a way as to conduct and encourage research and documentation related to the arts and popular creativity, while fostering an aesthetic and cultural awareness among the younger generation. As befits a national cultural organisation, research is at the heart of all we do. It underpins and contributes to all our projects, particularly because the purpose of Fondazzjoni Kreattività is to support the contemporary creative scene and also take in, reflect  and support traditional and historical heritage and culture. Moreover, Fondazzjoni Kreattività’s research and documentation ethos generates a culture of intellectual endeavour that is fundamental to the longevity and legacy of all who deal with the Fondazzjoni.

Hosting the DRHA Conference will be an opportunity for Fondazzjoni Kreattività to draw on Malta’s resources to highlight the rich diversity of projects which focus on sophisticated digital techniques, technologies, audiences and users. Throughout 2018, Valletta is designated as EU Capital of Culture, with substantial – multi-million euro – investment in capital projects that include MUŻA (Malta’s national museum of art) and the Valletta Design Cluster, which aims to provide new design studio-laboratories that enable industry-driven product and experience design research, including the design of human-computer interfaces. In 2018, Malta’s national public broadcasting company will also be collaborating with Heritage Malta on a massive audiovisual digitization project endowed with 5 million euros in EU and national public funding, further enhancing substantial work on digital cultural heritage in Malta by other public entities such as the National Archives, Malta Libraries, the Broadcasting Authority, the University of Malta and the Malta College of Art, Science and Technology (MCAST).  The 2018 conference will reflect Fondazzjoni Kreattività’s purpose of catalysing innovative and cutting edge research and creative work in its theme of Creative Legacies: Collaborative Practices of Digital Cultural Heritage. A number of thematic strands will be provided both to ensure focussed panels and a broader opportunity for delegates to engage on the wider aspects of DRHA’s purview.


Organizing Team

Dr. Toni Sant
Spazju Kreattiv Artistic Director

Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Rupert Cefai

Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Edward Zammit
Business Development Director

Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Margerita Pulè
Outreach Manager

Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Daniel Azzopardi
Programme Manager

Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Justin Galea
Programme Coordinator

Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Sabrina Calleja Jackson
Programme Coordinator

Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Prof Vince Briffa
Head of Digital Arts

University of Malta Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences

Russell Muscat
Marketing Manager

Heritage Malta